Vernon White


Vernon White

On November 10, 1951, the air raid sirens wailed during a mock air attack on the city. Twelve motorcycle officers were assigned to take off in all for directions from the Safety Building during the civil defense drill. Officer Vernon White and two other officers were assigned to cruise the lower east side. The three traveled east on W. State Street with their lights and sirens on. When they approached N. Edison Street, the first motorcycle went through the intersection. […] Read More

Raymond A. Nencki

Sergeant Raymond Nencki died on October 5th, 1959 at County General Hospital after a two-week fight for his life.  On September 23rd, police were called to N. 63rd Street and W. Capitol Drive because of a man behaving oddly, going door-to-door. When approached by police in the alley, the man pulled a gun and shot Sergeant Nencki twice. His partner was able to return fire, killing the man. The suspect was later identified as the man who killed the wife […] Read More

Robert Kraemer

On February 7, 1963, Patrolman Robert Kraemer heard a call on the radio for the police ambulance to respond to someone pinned in a taxi after it struck a tree on N. Prospect Avenue. Patrolman Kraemer decided to respond on his motorcycle to assist. Patrolman Kraemer was eastbound on E. Juneau Avenue on his three-wheel motorcycle when he collided with the ambulance heading south on N. Van Buren St. It is unclear why the two did not see or hear […] Read More

James J. Rivers

About 2:15 a.m. on March 21, 1966, asuspect robbed the operator of a rooming house at 511 W. Galena St., where he once stayed. The suspect then went to his sister’s house at 3457 N. 13th Street. Knowing who the suspect was, the operator called police and the man’s sister and told her what had happened. When the sister refused to let her brother in, he fired two shots into the air and left. Officers saturated the area. Officer James Rivers […] Read More

Ronald T. Hogan

At approximately 12:25 p.m. on May 2, 1967, Patrolman Ronald Hogan and his partner responded to a domestic disturbance, called in by a neighbor in the 1800 block of N.29th Street, at the same address they were at just a few hours earlier. When Patrolman Hogan announced “We’re the police,” the suspect fired a round from a .30/06 rifle through the closed bedroom door, fatally striking Patrolman Hogan in the neck. Patrolman Hogan’s partner returned fire from his service revolver, […] Read More

Bryan Moschea

Police Officer Bryan Moschea died on July 31, 1967 after being shot while entering a home near N. 1st Street and W. Center Street, in an attempt to apprehend a sniper who had been shooting at police and neighbors from an upstairs window during the 1967 civil unrest. Officer Moschea was 24 years old. He was appointed to the Milwaukee Police Department on October 4, 1965. Read More

George Fish

Patrolman George Fish died on September 22, 1970, of a massive infection, one month after being wounded in a shootout during a holdup at the Ranch House Tavern at 1900 W. St. Paul Avenue on August 21st. Patrolman Fish was struck in the chest by a .38 caliber bullet that had passed through the body of one of the suspects. In the heat of battle with the armed suspects, Fish’s partner fired the shot as one of the suspects aimed […] Read More

Alan Sroczynski

About 6:30 p.m on November 8th, 1970, Patrolman Alan Sroczynski and his partner took a prisoner to the Safety Building. Patrolman Sroczynski, who was driving, had just pulled up onto the ramp leading out of the police garage. As he started to drive north across State Street, a westbound car struck the police van. The impact of the crash spun the police van around several times and Patrolman Sroczynski was thrown from the vehicle. The van then caught one wheel […] Read More